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For those that want to work in the technology industry, Google is one of the best bets. It seems that there is no limit to Google and they have grown from a simple search engine to a global enterprise which boasts everything from cell phones to mapping software. They are absolutely brilliant, and those that gain an internship here are going to be very lucky. Let’s take a look at applying for an internship at Google shall we?

internship google

Google is constantly looking for new interns. This is because their business is constantly expanding, and they are always looking to promote their current interns to new parts of their business. This means that if you are searching for an internship at Google you will find that they are on an almost constant recruitment drive. They have a specific jobs page for this.

Before you apply though, I want you to be aware that if you are looking for an internship at Google they will only demand the best. After all, they can. It doesn’t matter what position they are recruiting for, they will want the best possible employee for the job.

An intern at Google, despite being pretty low in the hierarchy, is expected to be a born leader. Google want these people to take charge of situations and make their own plans. If you do not have any leadership skills and instead like to be told what to do then search somewhere else.

The selection process at Google is notoriously difficult. If you get selected for an interview as an intern (and it is going to be very difficult to be selected for a mere interview) then expect to be talked to my numerous people at different stages. In determining whether to hire you or not these people will meet up and make a decision. If one person feels that you will not be a good match then you will not be hired. Therefore you will want to make a good impression at every single stage!

intern in google

Google is known for having an application form which is fairly difficult to fill in. It is packed to the brim with questions that are seemingly impossible to answer. Do not worry about getting a correct answer here. The reason why Google do this is because they want to see whether your thought processes are a good match for their company. So try to show your working out and don’t be focused on the ultimate goal, just explain how you get to the goal!

If you are after an internship at Google then I suggest that you keep an eye out on their jobs pages. This is because there are new ones being added all the time. Remember though, they only demand the best of the best. If you do not feel as though you will gain the internship due to the skills that you have then wait a little bit. If you are any good then a job will pop up sooner or later that is going to be ideal for you!

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