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The Perks of being an Intern in Google

It is not easy being an Intern in Google, landing a position in the company and then striving towards keeping it requires a great deal of competence and hard work. However, working as an Intern in Google opens up a huge opportunity for individuals for a brighter and successful career. Working as an Intern in Google does not necessarily mean you will end up working for them. You might not be hired at the end of the term, but this chance will provide a huge scope to advance your career.

Working as an Intern for any high tech company requires a lot of effort, but the interns in return are paid little or nothing in lieu of an experience certificate. Most of the times, interns are not even allowed to perform for the main office.   However, there are a lot of perks of working as an intern in Google. At Google, interns are allowed to work on ongoing projects, and are expected to make an impact.

intern in google

Interns at Google are normally paid almost $5,800 but specialized software engineerscan earn up to $6,800 per month, they are also provided with a surplus amount of benefits for free. These include housing, bowling, gym membership, food ect. The opportunities that students get at Google are career altering.

Committed, full time interns are asked to serve for minimum three months; this means that along with the opportunities an intern can earn up to $18,000 at the end of the term, which is higher than the average salary offered to interns in other high tech companies.  Google, also has the highest number of paid interns- taking almost1, 500 people every year from over 5, 000 applicants.

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Not only does being an intern in Google is beneficial for candidates, but crossing the interview rounds can prove to be helpful as well. For getting an opportunity in Google, one must go through extreme screening process. Two intense telephonic interview rounds held, after which candidates have to appear for. So even if a potential candidate is rejected during the interview process, there is no scope for being disheartened. These interviews prepare a candidate for future opportunities in their respective fields in other high-tech companies.

Interns who have already worked for Google say that the $6,000 that they get is not entirely wasted on living cost. Endless free food is offered from 24 different cafés, which offers everything from Italian, Mexican to Indian dishes along with burger joints and two salad bars. Interns are also able to move around the Google campus in cycles and shuttle busses.

The Google team is extremely caring and friendly; they teach and inspire young interns with utmost care. Interns at Google are also treated equally. They are given the opportunity to explore and learn themselves. Their suggestions and skills are taken into consideration in their assigned field of work as well.

Being an Intern at Google can open up a whole new world for you. Therefore, don’t wait and prepare yourself to be an Intern in Google.

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