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Intern Google- Opportunity for Budding Professionals and students

They say, it is never too late to work for a renowned company and you simply cannot miss out the opportunity when it comes to ‘Google’. Now don’t hold yourself back because Google offers young individuals and budding professionals with numerous internship opportunities. Be it in the technical field or non- technical ones, Google has some of the most coveted internship programs for aspiring students. Scope of working and learning as Intern in Google is enormous and requires perseverance to take the opportunity up.

There are basically two types of internship that is being offered by Google. The internship offers may be dived into two broad categories of technical and non-technical as well as summer and autumnal internships.

intern google

Technical Internship

Technical Internship refers to the internship program by Google, for students coming from preferably engineering backgrounds. Those under the field of mathematics, physics, Cs, EE can also apply for the position. Preferred qualifications are being well versed in system software and algorithms along with experience in C++, java and ohython.  The Pay revolves around $6,000 per month but can go up to $6,800 at times as well. Technical internships are full time positions and mostly take place throughout the year. These internship programs are flexible and can be modified according to academic schedules, however three full months of committed work is mandatory.


Full time technical Goolge interns are required to work on developing projects and try and contribute to the fullest. A software engineering intern will have to work with a full team and simultaneously need to be prompt and able to face and solve new problems along the way. An intern will be required to design, test, maintain and execute software solutions. Interns will also be exposed to newer programming languages and tools and apply them in core software projects. Mentoring from Google Engineers will be provided along with guidance through the entire summer internship period. The projects to be completed by interns include storage solutions, massive scalability, and large-scale applications on various projects along with others.

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Non – Technical Internship

Non-technical internship in Google refers to the internship program offered by the company to students and potential candidates who can contribute to the team in a relevant way. Preferable candidates are those coming from top tier schooling, with excellent entrepreneurial spirit along with strong academic background and working skills. Google prefers working among diverse people, therefore those belonging to the under represented section of the society can also apply (this goes for technical internships as well). The pay ranges from $6, 000 to $6,800 per month along with other facilities. Non – technical internship programs also falls under ‘BOLD’ internship program by Google.


Interns working for the non-technical departments have to take on full time projects which include working regular Google employees.  Assignments include global customer service roles along with managing Google’s advertising and sales department. Working on Google’s finance and handling several analytical roles. Interns need to work on marketing positions and redefine ‘Human Recourses’ as well.

The possibilities are limitless, being an Intern at Google can be a challenge but is definitely rewarding.

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