google bold internship

Landing an internship at Google can be very prestigious. So for budding students and individuals with a penchant for challenge and a successful career, Google offers young mind with the unique opportunity to be a part of their team. Google is not merely a search engine, a lot of technical and creative heads goes behind its simple interface. With the aid of skillful employees along with modern technology and infrastructures are used to, Google is what it is today. Now you can be part of Google Bold Internship program too.

google bold internship

Building Opportunities for leadership and development program or more commonly Google BOLD Internship program is designed by Google that provides an opportunity to the   students to work as well as experience the technology that goes behind the interface of Google.  The Google team is vast and diverse; they work towards not only the betterment of the company but also the benefit of the employees, the products and the motto towards which the team is working for. Now if you have it in you to accept challenges and work to achieve the best, then this is your chance.

Google Internship

Google BOLD Internship program is an eleven week paid internship program in summer, which also includes personal as well as professional development programs, executive speakers and ministering. This 11 week programs come along with some attractive features. Firstly, you get to work on core projects which involve Google’s business. Moreover, get the opportunity to experience and consider a business career in an advance technology based company. There are numerous seminars   by proficient lecturers and experts, skill building classes and workshop that allow you to evaluate yourself on a personal level.  Members of the Google family are extremely kind and friendly; you will be guided through various aspects throughout your 11 week internship. Lastly, you will get to know and interact with different people from across the globe, young and bright like you with dreams and aspirations to achieve.

There are specific areas where a Google Bold intern is assigned to. You will need to work within the realm of a team. You need to be passionate and versatile as your skills will be required to simplify and solve newer problems as the technology is enhanced further. There are software developers who are especially under represented in this field; therefore Google Bold internship is fashioned to incorporate them in their team.

Students Majoring in Computer Science as well as under graduates who are related to the technicalities of computer science are eligible to Google Bold internship program. The ‘Bold internship’ assignments include managing the advertising sales and the global customer service role, also providing the customer with solution accordingly. Manage the company’s finance and analytics role. Handle people operation roles and redefine and develop ‘human resources’. Assignments for the marketing department require creative originality and you need to work on marketing campaigns.

If you are smart, confident and believe that you can make a difference not just be a Googler but a working behind the curtains, then grab the opportunity to be part of the Google Bold Internship program soonest.

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