Google Internship

Being a Googler and working for Google are two different aspects. Landing an internship program for Google can be extremely prestigious and a dream come true for many, however, easy as it might sound getting into the system can be quite tricky. So if you are looking for preparation methods that will provide you with an opportunity to be a part of the Google Internship programs then this is where you stop. This article will aid you through some frequently asked questions by applicants looking for internship opportunities.

Google Internship

There are two types of internship programs offered by Google, namely Technical Internship and Non-Technical Internship. Technical Internships include internship in software engineering or product management, where as non- technical internship includes the likes of social media marketing, small and big business team sales, launching Google, signing in new customers for Google offers, or customer management.

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Although the two segments of Google internship requires different skill set, yet the common factor that needs to be present is the creative mind set and the passion to strive more towards the betterment of the company. Now, Google is overflowed with applications for their internship programs every year, with over 40,000 for limited slots. Therefore, simply knowing your subjects is not enough.

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Full time college students and students majoring in respective fields can apply for the internship programs. The basic quality that is required by Students applying for Google Internship is required to exhibit excellent entrepreneurial characteristic to stand out. Students who can take up responsibilities and initiatives to reach towards a common goal are more appreciated.  Moreover, applicants need to be passionate and hardworking as well.

There are things that are expected of Google interns.  They are expected to fully contribute to the team and make an impact; therefore a prompt attitude is required.  You will also need to provide information about job if you have worked for previously. This job may or may not be relevant for your current position as a Google intern, but the company requires the information as they testify your accomplishments.

As the internship positions at Google are of varied nature, you will need to brush up on your skills accordingly. If you are aiming for a technical position then you will be required to evaluate your algorithm skills and also practice coding. Google looks out for extremely efficient and skillful workers, so for the telephonic interview you will need to defend your skill set more than anything. You will need to be confident and cool as your answer the question as the telephonic round is hailed very important as maximum candidates are chucked out in this round.

Know and understand what Google values, individuals who are prompt and efficient holds the maximum chances for landing an internship. Therefore prepare yourself beforehand. If you are applying for a position based on skills that you learned at college then it is advisable to revise them beforehand. The best way to go about this is to ask a friend or teacher to conduct a mock interview prior to the main interview round.

Getting a position at Google Internship can seem to be difficult but it is not unattainable. If you are confident and believe that you can make a difference then seize the opportunity right away.

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